Why is healthcare behind in utilizing technology for patient interactions?

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The importance of an efficient healthcare system

The healthcare industry is one of the most essential and vital industries in any society, as it is responsible for the well-being and health of the population. However, despite the rapid technological advances that have occurred in recent years, the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt and utilize technology in certain areas. For example, there are not many well-known and widely available patient applications in the areas of self-booking and self-management.

How regulations are creating barriers

One of the main reasons for this is the complexity and regulation of the healthcare industry. Unlike other industries, healthcare is heavily regulated and governed by a multitude of laws and regulations. This makes it difficult for healthcare providers to quickly and easily adopt new technologies, as they must first navigate the complex regulatory landscape. Additionally, the healthcare industry is a highly personal and sensitive field, and healthcare providers are often reluctant to adopt new technologies that may compromise patient privacy or security.

Lack of incentive

Another reason why the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt technology for patient interactions is the lack of incentives (Related article).  Unlike other industries, where companies are driven by the bottom line and the need to stay competitive, healthcare providers are often driven by a desire to provide the best possible care to patients. This means that they may not see the immediate benefits of adopting new technologies before and after the visit. They may be more focused on providing high-quality care during the visit.

In addition, many healthcare providers struggle with data silos and a lack of interoperability. It makes it difficult for them to share data and information with patients. This makes it difficult for them to utilize technology in the areas of document sharing, schedule management, and requisitions.

Technology helps the healthcare systems to become more efficient and cost-effective

Despite these challenges, it is important for the healthcare industry to continue to explore and adopt new technologies.  This will not only improve the quality of care for patients but will also make it more efficient and cost-effective. By embracing technology, healthcare providers can improve patient outcomes and experience, and streamline their operations.

Overall, it is clear that the healthcare industry has been slow to adopt technology in the areas of self-booking and self-management. However, with the increasing demands for better healthcare services and cost reduction, the healthcare industry must explore and adopt new technologies to meet those demands. By doing so, they will be able to provide better care for patients and improve the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.


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