Patients have enough worries, having
access to their healthcare provider
doesn't have to be one of them.

Personalized Health Assistant On The Go

Easy to use iOS and Android apps to:

  • Book and update appointments
  • Securely attach documents to appointments
  • Receive automatic appointment reminders
  • Create and keep up to date health questionnaires
  • Capture and validate the health card number
  • Securely access documents sent by you (prescriptions, referrals, requisition forms)
  • Use the built-in video conferencing for virtual visits

In addition, the apps capture and process health relevant data collected from your patients’ devices and applications. This data can:

  • Be shared with you to help with an overall view about their health
  • Help patients monitor their health in real-time

How can patients use EverAssistant
to book appointments?

Patients start by selecting a service type

EverAssistant can select a service provider for them, or they can choose their preferred one

Based on the real-time healthcare providers’ availability data, they can choose the date and time that best fits their schedule.

EverAssistant can validate health card numbers during booking. After booking, patients can add notes, upload documents and pictures for the provider to review.

Benefits For Patients

Maintain contact with
their healthcare provider

Patients can practice physical distancing while continuing to receive virtual care from their favourite healthcare providers.

Online health questionnaire management

With their consent, healthcare providers patients book with have access to the information they provided in the health questionnaire. That way, patients won’t be asked to fill out lengthy patient onboarding questionnaires with every healthcare provider.

Appointment and check-up reminders

With appointment reminders and “Recommended Events”, patients will not miss appointments or their periodic check-ups.

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